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Craft CMS cookie notice plugins

There are several of these around. As well as a manual setup, I've tried the following:

cookie consent

Using plugins is generally quicker and better value for the client. There's no point re-inventing the wheel at the client's expense. So I wanted to stop doing it manually each time and use a third-party plugin which could easily be styled, content-edited, etc. 

cookie consent plugin
This works straight after installation without even needing anything adding to a template. There's a lot of styling options but ultimately I found it too restrictive. I felt like it was taking a WordPress template approach and that doesn't sit very well with me and Craft CMS. This was partly because the plugin relies on passing options to a Javascript plugin and those options are basically needed for it to work. It actually broke due to a JS error when I tried adding a line break within one of the options.

acceptcookies plugin
Initially I didn't like the fact this plugin also inserted Google Analytics tracking code but it was a cinch to turn off. Editing the plugin's template files is super-easy - both the HTML and the CSS are in the same file and I was quickly able to get it looking how I wanted, with my own content in there. For sure, I recommend this one and will be using it again in the future.