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Setup Wampserver on Windows 10

On installation, I was told I needed MSCVR100 and a quick search found this Stack Exchange post. I downloaded both x86 and x64 versions as one person commented both were needed. The checking utility is the best thing about that post, as it outputs what you don't have.

Next, Wampserver would go to start up but only get as far as orange. To fix that, I clicked on the Wampserver icon in the system tray, then Apache > Service > Install Service. With that done, I went Apache > Service > Start/Resume Service (wasn't clickable previously) and that gave me the green light.

To amend the webroot, change the following lines to your chosen folder:

DocumentRoot "c:/wamp/www/"


<directory "c:/wamp/www/"></directory>

At that point, you should be done.