full-stack developer
technical director

craft cms

Full-stack web/app developer

Languages & frameworks

  • PHP, Dart, C#, CSS, HTML, Javascript
  • Yii2, Flutter, Semantic UI, jQuery, Bootstrap

Platforms & APIs

  • Craft, Expression Engine, Wordpress
  • Craft Commerce, Charge, Shopify
  • Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Storage/Analytics/Maps, Shopify, Strava
  • cPanel/WHM, Laravel Forge, CentOS 7, Putty


  • PHPStorm, Sublime, Visual Studio, Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA
  • Git, Postman, Composer, Node
  • Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Affinity

Technical director

Leadership & delivery

  • - Can handle all technical aspects of a project
  • - Can source and lead other developers
  • - Used to working closely with creatives
  • - Happy to work directly with clients
  • - Familiar with both waterfall and agile development practices
  • - Knowledge of wide range of technologies, languages and frameworks, including mobile app development

Problem solving

  • - Diverse background and project/client experience to draw upon
  • - Used to both big picture (e.g. strategy) and finer detail (e.g. code) problem solving
  • - Familiar with both paper, screen and working prototypes


  • - Very, very quick learner
  • - Used to working with Google platforms like Analytics, Search Console, Adwords and Data Studio
  • - Enjoys nurturing others

Should you hire me?

We're probably a very good fit if any of these sound like you:

  • - You need a developer for a website or some web-based software but don't have anyone technical in your organisation, or
  • - You have a website already and, while it was right for you before, you're looking to take things to another level and want someone to work with for the next few years, or
  • - You need a Craft CMS developer, or
  • - You are after an iOS/Android app supported by a web-based content platform.
  • - You are an agency looking for a reliable developer that's good with clients
  • - You are after a full-stack developer familiar with the Apache/PHP platform with/without experience of mobile app development.

We probably aren't a good fit if:

  • - You are a business owner after a cheap Wordpress site, or
  • - You just want someone to run your Adwords campaign, or
  • - You want me to work full-time on your premises.

What have I done?

This is only a selection - I've worked with more than fifty clients over the last ten years or so, either directly or through a third-party.

La Cuisine, Paris

  • - Busy ecommerce site for booking cookery classes. French-based business with predominantly US-based audience.
  • - Technical direction over several years, including development of the website and plugins for handling stock replenishment, gift vouchers and a product calendar. Integration with French bank's payment gateway (quirky...).
  • - Creation of admin area for managing reception, bookings, room/staff allocation and for reporting.
  • - Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, PHP, Semantic UI, Javascript
  • Visit site

Leiths School of Food & Wine

  • - Prestigious cookery school site requiring integration with a poorly-designed and temperamental third-party booking system.
  • - Technical direction over several years, including development of the website, search engine strategy, adwords strategy and Data Studio reporting. Ongoing plugin development to handle third-party booking system integration.
  • - Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, PHP, JSON
  • Visit site


  • - SaaS site supporting visitors to the UK with immigration and arrival
  • - Technical direction, website build, extensive/ongoing plugin development to handle complex visa applications, bookings, various other purchasables, reporting and more.
  • - Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, PHP, Javascript, Semantic UI
  • Visit site

East Anglia Art Fund

  • - Regional arts organisation members site
  • - Technical direction and website build with membership subscriptions and artists' applications for a public event. Separate judging area for shortlisting and identifying winners.
  • - Craft CMS, Charge, PHP, Semantic UI, Javascript
  • Visit site

Leiths Academy

  • - Site supporting the delivery of cookery courses for schools
  • - Technical direction, development and support of web-based course management software with varying levels of access for teachers, examiners and administrators. Plugin development included significant templating within the Craft CMS backend.
  • - Craft CMS, Charge, PHP, Semantic UI, Javascript
  • Visit site

Pink Pigeon Rum

  • - Brand-driven site for a leading wine and spirits merchant
  • - Technical direction, design and development of site including login area for journalists and brand ambassadors. Handles different branding requirements based on the country a visitor is browsing from. Used to have a location search for finding stockists and distributors.
  • - Craft CMS, Javascript
  • Visit site

The Fabulous Fleece Company

  • - Specialist retailer of sheepskins and other animal hide products
  • - Technical direction, strategy, support and development of all online activity beginning with Shopify, then migrating to Craft with Shopify only handling checkout/orders before commiting fully to Craft and Craft Commerce as the business grew. Included substantial plugin development for missing Craft Commerce functionality and creation of a Shopify-themed management area.
  • - Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, Shopify, PHP, Semantic UI
  • Visit site

Barrington Energy

  • - Single-pager for an energy consultancy
  • - I love the simplicity of this site (and the subtle rotation of the fan-blades).
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